Our Story

Declare It + Wear It™️ (DI+WI), is an affirmation apparel brand designed with a focus on self-love, personal growth + well-being. Our pieces are wearable “notes-to-self” featuring motivational messages to keep people inspired + engaged.

Co-founded by former co-workers, DI+WI is a testament to what great connections can give birth to. Leah Rudolfo and LaToya Valmont first met at Essence Magazine, and over the years have become sistah-friends, travel-buddies, and now business partners.

When reaching new life stages both personally and professionally, they each went through the process of rediscovering themselves. This led to a greater focus on health and fitness, increased travel, all around self-care, and re-engaging in the things and experiences that bring them joy.

In early 2021 with COV-19 changing the cultural mores everyone was used to, they discussed how they were keeping positive. Trading their personal journeys of self-care, personal growth, prayer, and tapping into the power of affirmations, they asked themselves, Why not create a line so you can See It, Say It, Declare It + Wear It as you continue to evolve on your individual path?  That’s when the idea of DI+WI was born.

Having worked behind the scenes in corporate America for 20+ years, this business is pushing them to places they’ve never been—in front of the camera and shifting their structured corporate minds to that of entrepreneurs.

The continual pursuit of self-refinement and growth defines DI+WI. It is about taking responsibility for both the good and bad of our lives, knowing we are all works in progress, and taking ownership and responsibility for our own happiness.

At its core, DI+WI is strongly committed to: 

  • Engendering open conversation and building a community of women & men around issues of personal growth, wellness, uplifting BIPOC communities, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Encouraging our community to view wellness on a holistic level ensuring spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.
  • The process of self-reflection in order to spark change at the individual level.
  • De-stigmatizing issues surrounding mental health.
  • Empowering self-love.

DI+WI is the evolution of Leah and LaToya’s personal journeys of self-growth—practicing it every day—and connecting with people who are also committed to this process. They want to create a safe space for people to have conversations about their journeys, and to serve as a source of support and encouragement along the way.